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About the event

During late 2021 AccelerateHer ran a number of focus groups working to identify the areas urban women entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka require the most support. The insights shared with us showed our female leaders needed support in creating the right networks, developing their self-confidence as entrepreneurs and building their digital footprint.

In conjunction with world International Women's Day, the Step into Leadership 2022 conference was launched as a gathering place for the bad ass women entrepreneurs of Sri Lanka. The conference aims to develop authentic female leadership, supported by key readiness skills to enable women to be more financially independent and get technical savvy about up-and-coming technology to further their business opportunities locally and internationally.


Snippets from the conference

Workshop series


Heading 3


Heading 3


Heading 3

Demystifying Crypto - NFTS, Web3, and blockchain


Kalana Muthumuni
Co-Founder, Co-CEO - Hyperglade

Personal Finance – How to manage your personal finances and smart investments 

Nishan De Silva

Communications – storytelling workshop/planning your PR strategy

Nazreen Ramzi
Brand Messaging Strategist

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