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Here’s how the
Program works

3 months of curated support 

A curated 3-month program tailored to your startups’ needs and growth objectives. 


Your startups will also receive  capacity building funding to rapidly accelerate their business growth. 


A team of functional experts

Our mentors and experts are individuals with deep industry, investment, and entrepreneurship experience, and have worked across all stages of a startup.


They'll be on hand to guide you and your team towards your growth objectives.

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Partnerships and Networks

Depending on your needs, these partnerships could range from distribution, demos,
commercial partnerships, product validation through to investment.


Is AccelerateHER for you?

  • What does a startup accelerator do?
    We support female founders grow their businesses by bringing together experienced mentors, business coaches and an unrivalled support network of partners, investors and Hatch female alumni network. We provide workshops, curated resources, grant funding and countless moments where you can learn from your peers.
  • What support should I expect?
    We provide support across strategy, ops, business development, product, design, tech, growth, PR, brand, and talent. We're not afraid to roll up our sleeves and support you build your team, if it means you'll move forward, faster. You'll also have access to our global network of mentors, investors, and female founder networks.
  • What are the terms?
    Enrolling to the program is free of charge. We do not take equity in your business. In return, we request your 100% commitment to attend and fully engage in the program for 3 months.
  • How does the grant fund work?
    Our program provides you access to grant funding to be utilized to help you achieve key milestone deliverables that you set for yourself. These range from expert support to build your social media presence, branding, purchasing of material, legal costs, distribution, and partnership costs to purchasing of equipment.
  • Are startup accelerators worth it?
    Ours is! We are not only committed to enabling your business to grow but also YOU, as a female founder to grow professionally. Can you remember the last time you spent one full day investing in your own professional development? This is your opportunity to do this — with the full support of professionals for three months.
  • Are these sessions physical or virtual?
    We adopt a hybrid model to facilitate the workshops, however our first choice is to have you physically with us whenever possible.
  • How much time will I need to commit to this program?
    While the program may sound like a lot, it’s important to point out that more than half of your time could still be spent on working on your own company, being a mom, wife and daughter. We understand the unique challenges and bottlenecks to being a female entrepreneur and we look forward to working with you to support you in your journey. For most, you may already have customers, team stand ups and other recurring meetings so that doesn’t just pause for three months.
  • What happens when the accelerator program is finished?
    While formal meetings will pause, you’ll continue to leverage our global alumni network and knowledge. Our networks extend across investors, geographies and sectors, and a strong community of fellow founders.
  • How does the selection process work?
    Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. The final application deadline is February 28 2023. We honor your time in applying with our thorough review. Each application is read 2-3 times by startup experts and our most mission-aligned partners. If your application rises to the top after review, we will invite you to an interview. We will select 7-8 companies. If you are not selected, it doesn’t mean you aren’t building something amazing! It more likely means we don’t believe we are the best vehicle to support you at this stage of your company, and we would hope to see you back in the pool the following year.

“I had a vision for my business but I didn’t have a proper plan or framework. The Kickass Bootcamp really helped me organise my thoughts and ideas to promote my brand and understand my audience better.” Since the end of the Bootcamp and even inspite of the pandemic, Safiya now has a minimal viable product!

Safiya Sideek


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14, Sir Baron Jayathilaka Mawatha,
Colombo 01, Sri Lanka
+ 94 11 765 2500

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